a115 Bloody End 2

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Want to watch two gorgeous babes do some savage, and sexy, belly-stabbing?

These hotties get right into it - thrusting a razor-sharp blade into each other's guts over and over and over again! All while they're making a sexy show of displaying their smooth bellies and massive breasts! And, fully-voiced moans and groans of pain & lust accompany the sounds of the deadly blade plunging into their lean bellies and leaving these huge-breasted beauties gagging in pain and bleeding as their bellies and navels are viciously shanked. Did I mention huge boobs? These topless beauties get busy groping each others' giant melons as they thrust a blade into each other's massive chest-puppies over and over and over again. Not only is there a fabulously sexy, and bloody, stabbing exchange between these babes, there are also a ton of extra camera angles and cuts. So you can watch from different angles as each babe reacts with sexy gasps & moans at having a blade thrust into their bellies, navels, and huge tits.

Does all this sound sexy? Would you like to get your hands on all 12 minutes and 30 seconds of this amazing video?

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Elements: woman get stab, belly stab

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Last updated Oct 6, 2023

Abby, Tanya
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a115 Bloody End 2

5 ratings
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