a126 Boob Squad Assault

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This is a remake of the a124 The Field Medic video, but most of the damage animations have been reworked so that victims take a lot more bullets. More Bullets, more Tits and tough girls.

A squad of sexy military babes and their busty vixen of a medic, are taking on a deadly sniper in an intense game of cat-and-mouse with their huge boobs on the line!

Can the army gals take out the sniper? Or, will she put a hot slug in their even-hotter chests and leave them stone-cold dead?

Watch every step, every move, and every breath these toned & gorgeous babes take as they're hunted down by the deadly sniper.

And, watch as they get tended to by the super-sexy medic when they're hurt!

Plus, an intense & deadly duel with big tits and hot lead on the line!

Will the army commander leave the sniper taking her least breath on the hot sand? Or, will she be tits-up with a deadly slug in her brave heart?

Want to see all the action and hear these brave girls breathe their last in this 22 minute long video'''? You can for just $21!

The video includes alternative camera angles for the scene.

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Video Theme: Shooting
Elements: woman gets shots, belly shot, chest shot, multiple shots, heart shot, heart stab

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Last updated Jan 11, 2024

Pistol, Sniper rifle, Knife
Arianna, Ruby, Tanya, Selena, Nicole
1.01 GB
22 minutes


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a126 Boob Squad Assault

3 ratings
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